National Center for
Economic Gardening 

The nation’s premier entrepreneurial economic development program


An Entrepreneurial Approach

Economic Gardening® is the gold standard for an entrepreneurial approach to economic development.  The program focuses on supporting local stage 2 growth companies with strategic information and frameworks to grow jobs locally.

Economic Gardening is one of the oldest and best tested entrepreneurial economic development programs in the country.  It provides strategic research and frameworks to help local companies scale up, adding jobs and wealth to the community.  It is the original “grow your own” program, tested and refined in depth for over 2 decades in Littleton, Colorado and then in breadth all across the nation for another decade.

The National Center for Economic Gardening (NCEG) was established in order to help states, regions and communities set up and run Economic Gardening programs.  The NCEG provides training, certification, and a national team which can immediately start a pilot project for evaluation.  The team specialists use sophisticated corporate tools like database research, search engine optimization, geographic information systems and listening posts to find new markets, provide competitive intelligence and industry trends, assess digital marketing efforts and find qualified sales leads.

Program Details

The NCEG has a turn-key approach for putting an Economic Gardening program into place, beginning with a 5-company pilot program. The package includes a national team ready to go to work immediately as well as the tools, processes, collateral material and training needed to ensure the success of the program…


Economic Gardening traces its roots back to 1987 in Littleton, Colorado, when defense contractor Martin Marietta cut its workforce in half in response to the collapse of the Berlin wall and the dissolution of the USSR. The resulting 7,000 lost jobs led the city council to rely less on out-of-state corporations and more on local growth companies…

Training & Certification

The National Center for Economic Gardening provides training and certification in Economic Gardening principles and practices twice a year. These sessions have two tracks: program administrator and technical staff. Contact us to learn more about our training and certification programs…

Testimonials and Outcomes

Economic Gardening has consistently produced excellent outcomes in all parts of the country and in all kinds of economic conditions. These testimonials and outcomes provide a good overview of typical engagements as well as the testimonials from growth company CEOs…

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